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What are the world’s biggest water challenges? Champions in the water community are collaborating on new ways of thinking about and tackling water’s biggest issues.
Ready to scale your agrivoltaics business? Iberdrola seeks sustainable & innovative PV technologies to integrate in agriculture, horticulture, livestock or fish farming as well as bee-keeping.
IBDC 2021 aspires to provide a platform for students to learn new skills identified under the Industry Transformation Map for the Built Environment Sector and apply them in this competition.
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The Regional Essay Competition for the Youth aims to raise awareness and motivate young people in the BSEC Member States to take action against the growing marine pollution challenge in the Black Sea.
What kind of Africa do you envision in 2050? What future do you want and how do we create that future in the present? At Africa@2050, we want to hear your story of the future.
In its third year, Women’s World Banking’s Fintech Innovation Challenge provides a global stage to highlight Fintech innovations serving unbanked and underserved women in order to build their security and prosperity in the face of global inequalities.
Do you have an awesome idea to solve a social or environmental problem? Are you ready to take action, but don’t know where to start? You're not alone. The 2021 Social Shifters Global Innovation Challenge will take you from idea to entrepreneur - helping bring your idea to life AND sharpening your social business skills! Register NOW and return to submit your idea by 16th July to be eligible.
DREAMIT is a growth program & venture fund focused on startups with revenue or pilots that are ready to scale.
Fire up your startup and take it to new heights with Huawei!
Connecting startups with Deutsche Bahn.
The Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge has brought healthcare organizations and startups together to tackle the world’s biggest health issues.
The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ program identifies ambitious women entrepreneurs and provides them with the advice, resources and access they need to unlock their full potential. The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Europe Class of 2021 applications are now open.
Calling all budding business owners — Wise is on the hunt for the 20 most talented young entrepreneurs in Europe and Australia.
XPRIZE Carbon Removal is aimed at tackling the biggest threat facing humanity - fighting climate change and rebalancing Earth’s carbon cycle.
An annual international high school essay competition, judged by leading Cambridge academics. This year's theme: "The Stories, the Science, and the Significance of COVID-19"
Are you ready for it? Technology brings changes to lifestyle of an individual, community, country and the world. innovation is the key. Contest for College Students is open for the Year 2021!
Youth Research Vox is an international network of youth researchers, action seekers, and aspiring social entrepreneurs leading the way to a brighter future and a more sustainable world. The 2021 Dual Competitions applications are now open!
Our climate is changing. We might not be aware of it, but climate change affects us all. For this year’s photo competition, the European Environment Agency (EEA) invites you to capture what it means to live in a changing climate in Europe, to share your take on climate change.
DI-2021 stands for Design and Innovation in 2021. The design competition is open to both concept projects, as well as realized projects by young design and tech professionals worldwide.
THINK BIG. THINK BOLD. BE CUTTING EDGE. STIHL is looking for visionaries, lateral thinkers, and pioneers. STIHL is looking for… YOU!
Hackster is hosting the 2021 US-based semi-final China-US Young Maker Competition! Do you have an idea that would make a more sustainable, efficient, and interconnected tomorrow? We are calling upon innovative US and China makers to submit projects focusing on community development, education, environmental protection, health & fitness, energy, transportation, or other areas of sustainable development.
The Architects of Tomorrow Special Contest is promoted by THE PLAN as part of THE PLAN AWARD. The subject of the contest is theses for three and five-year bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in in architecture, building engineering/architecture and industrial design.
Before the lock-downs around the world, our lives were plagued by long commutes, leaving us with little time for ourselves, our families and our friends. Traffic polluted our air and smog blanketed our skylines. The pandemic hit the pause button on us.
The ELI Young Lawyers Award was officially launched at the 2016 Annual Conference and General Assembly.

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