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Getty Images’ mission is to move the world with images, and we believe in this power.
AU/CIEFFA invites African girls and women: students, human rights’ activists and teachers/educators to submit creative content showcasing their experiences learning/teaching girls during the COVID-19 related school closures and initiatives being taken by individuals, organisations and nations to ensure girls return back to school once schools start reopening.
Be creative and develop your own app with Mendix. Enter our Fall Global Student Challenge by using your creativity to develop a Mendix Student App and win awesome gear.
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Borders must be bridges for the humankind, and connections between our civilisations; however, what we have seen during the last decades is something completely different. Borders around the world have become a symbol of conflict, racism, fear, inequity, and division.
The Global sign Challenge is an annual event that seeks to celebrate the amazing stories of how individuals around the world are using their National Sign Languages to improve children's communication skills and learning.
LightsFlare International Photography Awards is one of the largest award giving bodies for a community of artists ushering an era of new trends in the world of photography.
As cloud and AI technologies are shaping all industries globally and driving numerous innovations, Alibaba Cloud has launched the Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI) service to empower AI developers and innovators by lowering technical barriers and development costs.
Could your picture tell a thousand words? Then the camera is in your hands.
Do you love thinking out of the box and setting challenges? Do you have some interesting and creative problems to share in the domain of Cybersecurity? Share your ideas here! HackerEarth is looking for Cybersecurity problem setters across the globe to come, collaborate together and build better contests in the domain of Cybersecurity.
A game jam is a contest/hackathon where developers try to make a video game from scratch. Programmers, Game Designers and others in game development-related fields generally take part in such challenges.
EPIC, or the End Poverty Innovation Challenge, is focused creating social ventures which create jobs and equity for the poor by delivering sustainable social impact solutions to meet the needs of the poor at a price the poor can afford.
What real world problems could you solve with adaptive computing?
Today AdaCore announced that the 5th annual “Make with Ada” programming competition will be launched on Friday, July 31st.
Create your own future by launching a new business.
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is pleased to announce an academic prize for the best published work on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) in Africa in 2020.
What does an award-winning photograph look like? It can range from an captivating portrait of a family member to a moon-drenched landscape to movement captured at just the right time.
One of the Arab World's most prestigious and well-funded prizes.
The future of stationery. 2021 Venvstas Italy design competition. What's on your desk and what will continue to be on it in the years to come?
Our entire civilisation is facing one of our most challenging times since WWII. The results caused by the COVID-19 outbreak are unimaginable and unpredictable yet, but we are already feeling the drastic effects.
Tech Challenge (formerly Google Games) brings fun competitions to the computer science and engineering community, giving students a glimpse into Google’s culture, logical thinking, collaboration, and on-the-spot coding.
Do you go through the downtown (or city center) in your city and think something's missing? Or that something could be improved? If you had the opportunity to bring in a catalyst that can change the character of the place - what would it be? If you could add a building or retrofit some existing ones or perhaps add a park system that could exponentially improve the quality of the downtown - wouldn't that be great? If yes, then this challenge is for you! 
The Solution Challenge is an annual contest presented by Developer Student Clubs (DSC) that invites students to develop solutions for local community problems using one or more Google products or platforms.
The 2020 Budding Value Investor Award (“BVIA”) is Asia’s first and only global investment research competition organised by Capital Dynamics to encourage undergraduate and diploma students to acquire knowledge of value investing and the benefits it offers.
Between December and the following April, we accept manuscripts for the annual Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize, as well as for the Rochelle Ratner and Robert Creeley awards.

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