Success Stories

World Youth Forum Seliger
I attended the life changing InterSeliger Forum 2014 in Russia, where I had the privilege to experience more than 100 cultures and countries in one place. That experience increased my self-confidence and real-life skills dramatically. Additionally, it sparked a light of determination inside me to travel the whole globe and work with my international friends on making the world a better place! Thank you HeySuccess!
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International Court of Justice
Thanks to HeySuccess, I am currently working with the UN and COP20 president on very exciting youth projects. I found out about the Hope XXL Conference at, applied, got accepted, and travelled from Peru to the Netherlands. In addition to great memories and experiences from the International Court of Justice, I met a person who engaged me in the UN projects. Thank you for this life-changing experience. Now, I will impact others!
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Kainan University
HeySuccess, thanks for changing my life! I was born in a poor village in Gambia and very often I had to go to school barefoot. I never accepted giving up as an option and I never stopped believing in a better future for myself. Thanks to HeySuccess, I found fully sponsored opportunities to travel abroad, on my very first plane trip. Within four months I visited Qatar, Thailand, Morocco, Senegal and Cape Verde...and that's not all! I have just started my studies in Taiwan on a full scholarship!
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UK Trade & Investment
Thank you HeySuccess for informing me about the UK Government's Sirius Programme! I immediately applied for it, got selected, and now my team and I are in London working on scaling up our business globally! Without support from you and the UK Government, everything would be much more difficult for our team and business.
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Hansen Summer Institute
What a summer! For the first time in my life, I travelled outside my country, Malawi, to the USA to attend the Hansen Summer Institute on Leadership and International Cooperation. I was awarded a grant for my project, which empowers underprivileged women in Africa!
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