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Youth Ambassadors are motivated young people who represent and advocate for young people’s right to information. Besides, ERYICA counts on the participation of young people in our professional development processes. Youth Ambassadors play an active and decisive role in these, namely through peer-to-peer activities, their involvement in national or grassroot organisations, national and international youth events, and participation in ERYICA’s project meetings and development processes. This ensures that the voice of young people is heard whenever new tools and services are developed for them, and that the outcomes of our productions will meet the needs of young people.


Aims of the course

  • To exchange of experiences with information services and the role and importance of access to information;

  • To gain skills and competences in advocacy for youth information;

  • To acquire knowledge, abilities and skills in order to become young ambassadors and spokespersons on young people’s right to information.

Contents of the course

The exact sessions of the Youth Ambassador training are variable, and each edition has a particular topic that it focuses on. A general overview of the sessions is the following:

  • Ice breaking, introduction

  • What does young people’s right to information mean to you?

  • Case studies on how access to information can influence young people’s life

  • Session on the specific topic (e.g. Information Right Now! Campaign, No Hate Speech Movement)

  • Sharing and good practice in youth information

  • What impact do youth policies have on your life?

  • The state of youth information in Europe

  • What could be your role in youth’s right to information?

  • What skills and competences should a Youth Ambassador have?

  • How to communicate your message

  • Video shooting or video testimonials

  • Online youth information

  • Peer-to-peer youth information

  • Evaluation and reflection

Course info

  • Length of the course: 4 days.
  • The Youth Ambassadors training course is available in English.
  • This course is available as face-to-face training only.

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

Profile of the Youth Ambassadors

  • Aged 18-24;

  • Nominated upon principles of equal opportunities and non-discrimination;

  • Had a positive experience of using youth information services for their own development;

  • Strongly motivated to advocate for youth information;

  • Has a working level of English;

  • Completed the training course below;

  • Ready to act as spokespersons for young people’s right to quality information;

  • Actively participates in related activities.


Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

Cost/funding for participants:

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