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Global Nomadic is a trusted community marketplace connecting people with NGO projects around the world We believe real change can happen when people find life-enhancing opportunities. By empowering people to travel & explore the world, they gain new skills, developing themselves whilst making a real contribution.


Global Nomadic was founded with one clear goal – to empower change by connecting people. We believe real change can only come about when people are able to find the right opportunities with the right organisations. Over the past seven years, we have grown to offer high-quality international internships in a wide range of professional fields, but our aim is still the same; connecting people with projects.

We provide aspiring young professionals with exactly what is needed to set them apart in the very competitive world we live in. We exist to help you further your career through educational international work experience placements, but also to help NGOs around the world carry out their community-building work, by connecting them with you. By working with local NGOs, charities, and communities you will gain excellent experience and valuable skills, aiding you to further your ambitions – whilst making a difference where it’s needed most. 

This world is not a perfect place – and we don’t claim to be able to fix it. But what we can do is provide a bridge between you and the people who can. Our mission is to work towards a better and more stable world by connecting people with projects. We believe we work better together than apart. We believe travel and exposure to other cultures, beliefs and ways of life are the best ways to achieve this. We believe you can travel the world and travel your career. 

We provide access to vetted, worthwhile international internships in a wide range of professional fields.

We work in a range of different fields from veterinary medicine and environmental conservation to journalism, public health, business development and education – matching you with reputable, worthwhile organisations around the world. Unlike many other volunteer organisations, we have personally visited and vetted our project partners, to ensure you a safe and worthwhile international experience.

We also choose to only work with partners whose projects contribute to their local community in a sustainable manner. We do not support, nor advocate orphanage tourism or irresponsible wildlife conservation projects. Our aim is to help our project partners focus on their core work by offering an easy way to find committed interns and volunteers to support their daily activities. 

Global Nomadic is a trusted community meeting space connecting people with NGO projects around the world.

Facilitating contact between you and your preferred project is completely free of charge, however we also offer an optional premium pre-departure support service, helping you to source and organise the best flights, insurance, visas and all the many other things you will need before you reach your project destinations, including country guides, packing lists and much more!

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Description of Ideal Candidate

All projects welcome applicants of any nationality. For detailed requirements, check the Requirements tab on each project description.

Do I need any experience or qualifications?

Many NGO internships require some form of previous experience or expertise, please check the Requirements tab for full details. Volunteer projects normally do not require any specific experience or qualifications. For the TEFL courses, you will, of course, need to demonstrate a good command of the English language and some may require a degree.


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants

How much does it cost?

The fees incurred will vary from project to project, depending on what’s included, location and many other factors. You will always find detailed descriptions of all costs under the Costs tab on each project description page. This will also list out what is included and what other costs you will need to budget for. The in-country coordinator can usually assist you with questions about local costs and how much to budget for depending on the length of your stay.

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