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Calling all world travelers! If you are going on an abroad program of any kind this year (that is found on Go Overseas), you are eligible to become a Go Overseas Ambassador, or as we like to call them, a Go Getter.


In a nutshell, you will be taking photos and videos while abroad, posting on social media, getting a sneak peek at new Go Overseas features, convincing others to come travel with you, and repping our brand.

You must have the right equipment, and you must love Go Overseas!

Get to Know GO

Go Overseas was started with the simple idea of creating a centralized website to provide the resources required for meaningful travel abroad. That idea has grown and expanded into what you see here, a community driven website of like minded people who are all passionate about teaching, studying and volunteering abroad.

Our Story

Mitch and Andrew met while teaching in Taiwan, where they connected over hot peppers and a shared desire to make it easier for more people to live overseas. Fast forward one year past missed voicemails, a failed move to Argentina, and an acceptance letter to Haas Business School; Mitch and Andrew are in Berkeley. Tucker, hot off the press from Korea, calls Mitch (whom he met working on a political campaign years before) looking for a job. They all firmly believe that more people should have the opportunity to travel in a transformative way. Voila, Go Overseas was born. And we’re so glad you found us.

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Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

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