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Imitatio was conceived as a force to press forward the consequences of René Girard’s remarkable insights into human behavior and culture.


We intend to keep our application process lean and efficient.  In many of our projects Imitatio is an active participant and involved from the beginning in scoping and planning.  For those interested in applying for a grant, we request they submit the following information:

A short statement of purpose and project summary that includes, the project description, list and background of participants/collaborators, audiences reached, timing or deadlines, budget and intended outcome

Imitatio will review the proposal and may request additional information or clarification.  Based on the quality of the proposed project and alignment with Imitatio’s goals, Imitatio will respond with a decision within 6 weeks.  We review proposals on a rolling basis, however, proposals for new grants should ideally be submitted by September 15th for inclusion in the upcoming year’s budget.


  • Pursue research and application of mimetic theory across the social sciences and critical areas of human behavior
  • Support the education and development of the next generation of scholars leveraging mimetic theory
  • Further the dissemination, translation and publication of key works incorporating mimetic theory

The outcome of conversations between Peter Thiel, Robert Hamerton-Kelly and René Girard, Imitatio hopes to provide a connecting point and virtual homebase for those across the globe interested in mimetic theory.  Imitatio is supported by an active Advisory Board and three volunteer committees who help guide our work in Research, Education and Publications. 

Imitatio hopes to use our resources, both funding and people, to extend great work already in progress and launch projects in critical areas of focus. We strive for a wider hearing for mimetic theory, greater application of its insights, and the transformation that comes from viewing the world in a new light.

Opportunity is About:


Candidates should be from:

Description of Ideal Candidate:

While we fund and support a great variety of activities and initiatives, we prioritize projects with the following characteristics:

Projects should:

  • be the highest quality of work or caliber of partner possible
  • offer new or advancing efforts that change the landscape
  • have a multiplier effect vs single individual impact
  • reach several priority audiences

Our target audiences include:

Intellectual mainstream, Academics, Students, Journalists/bloggers, Religious leaders/communities

Projects we have funded include:

Translations, books, new research publications, workshops/seminars, conferences and we are looking to do more with journalism and blogs.


Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

Cost/funding for participants:

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