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Rockstart Health Program provides access to the healthcare ecosystem, capital, coaching and investors for entrepreneurs who are looking to change the way things are done in healthcare.
Nowadays we hear a lot about the refugee crisis in Europe. But is there really a crisis or it is a myth created by the media? We invite you to join the seminar on the refugees and asylum seekers situation in Europe and find out yourself what is the situation today!
Are you going to build an international career or continue doing that? Or maybe you are considering starting your own business? Then you should know how it is important to understand the international business environment and have a particular level of intercultural awareness.
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You might think that successful people often become happy, that happiness is the consequence of success. Actually not! It is another way around! Recent research shows that happy people often become successful (Van Dam, 2015).
Think out-of-the-box using fundamental knowledge, principles in combination with learnings from an actual design process!
As soon as the Summer Courses end, the Centre for Studies and Research in International Law and International Relations starts. Established in 1957, the Centre addresses a different topic of international law each year, chosen by the Curatorium.
The Winter Courses are a relatively new programme and have been offered since 2019. They are organized in the exact same manner as the Academy’s famous Summer Courses. The only difference is that they last 3 weeks in total and focus on both public and private international law.
This advanced summer programme focuses on the field of preventing, detecting and responding to violent extremism and gives insight in the opportunities and challenges of various approaches.
Would you like to raise your company’s name and community? Or maybe make profit yet humanize your brand? Take your business into a whole new level? So that’s course is for you! You will learn, step by step, how to organize your community project from A to Z and take your business into a whole new level.
Are you an entrepreneur with an awesome idea but still stuck at the prototype stage and want to scale up your business? Or just interested in etting experience in analyzing a real-life dataset? Or are you going to plan and execute a product’s flow in the most effective and efficient way? You can be an entrepreneur with an awesome idea but stuck at the prototype stage and want to scale up your business.
Are you passionate about making the world a better and a more equal place for everyone? Do you want to address social injustice around the world and come up with sustainable solutions to ease it? Develop your skills in teamwork? This course aims to give you a solid ground in the aspects of international development, it’s designed for those who are working in development-related organizations and NGOs, it will provide you with the key skills needed to analyze international problems probably and come out with sustainable solutions that make an actual change not just a temporary solution, and will open the door for you for multiple advanced training to specialize in an aspect of international development.
Some of the world's most brilliant people are stuck creating gradual change in large corporations or encountering challenges to gain traction with their startup.
Reliable local services, inclusive local policies and effective partnerships within local communities are crucial to achieving stability, promoting sustainable development and increasing the quality of life of citizens worldwide. The Hague Academy for Local Governance specialises in practice-oriented training courses and study visits for civil servants, local practitioners, and professionals at donor and development organisations.
Rural areas in Europe are under increasing and intersecting pressures, but many of these areas seem to be resilient. The landscapes, the actors, the uses, the challenges, and the way in which the rural is produced and reproduced, they are all changing rapidly.
The Netherlands is the capital of agricultural innovations! Are you interested in agriculture management and would like to improve your skills in this area? Join our Agriculture Management course! Whether you wish to manage a big agricultural enterprise or small farming business, continue studying agriculture and land management at the University, this course will give you much practical, financial and leadership skills foundation!
HMUN is an internationally recognised secondary school conference organised by students of the Stedelijk Gymnasium, located right in the heart of the historical city of Haarlem, the Netherlands. We hope to see you the 8th, 9th and 10th of April in Haarlem at HMUN 2022.
We are happy to announce that the organisation of FAMUN 2022 has officially started! Striving for a successful and memorable conference for our visitors, we are more than thrilled to take on this journey with our newly selected Executive Team consisting of eligible and motivated students.
The Department of Urbanism of the TU Delft and the Chair of Spatial Planning and Strategy will promote the sixth edition of the Summer School Planning and Design with Water for Sustainability in July 2022. Applications start on February 1st 2022
Are you a future leader of a global business? Then this course is for you! We invite future global leaders to join a 2 or 4-week MBA Module in Amsterdam to learn about modern aspects of business, contribute to your personal and professional development and open the door to international career!
Mini-MBA course is meant for people who want to gain the most important knowledge and learn skills that are needed for successful international career! The course let you learn about nowadays business tendencies, develop leadership skills, visit companies and build the network with professionals who might help you in your future career!
You are a student or a young professional? And your destiny is to become a Global Leader in near Future?! Then this course is for you!
You are unique. Each person has strengths and weaknesses. Some people spend all their lives doing unfavourable jobs. At the same time if you determine correctly what your strengths are and try to build your future career based on what you do well then success may await.
Do you speak English but make mistakes and feel unprofessional? Do you have or plan a job that requires speaking fluent English? Do you know English grammar but still get confused by certain more complicated rules? Then this program is for you!
Have you ever considered studying for a Master's in any European city? Would you like to learn more about scholarships from European universities for bachelor, Master or PhD? Are you thinking about continuing your education in Europe, particularly – in the Netherlands?! Then we invite you for a Workshop on Education in Europe!

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