Milenko Pilic

CEO & Founder

Milenko Pilic is CEO & Founder of, a central platform for international student mobility and recruitment. With his team, Milenko built technology that has collected over 20,000 youth opportunities (internships, scholarships, student conferences, and competitions) and reached over 1.2 million unique visitors with 160,000 registered users from 168 countries. Milenko’s work has been featured in dozens of media, including BBC, Forbes, CNN, and TEDx. HeySuccess has also won the UK Government’s Sirius Programme competition with full support from UK Trade & Investment to build the biggest student brand in the world and base it in London. received a grant from One Young World in 2014, a grant from Ms. Gianna Angelopoulos Daskalaki (a Chief Executive of the Athens Olympics 2004), and equity investment from two British angels. HeySuccess has been a part of the prestigious Silicon Valley startup programme Milenko’s vision is to put all global opportunities at the fingertips of every student in the world and a global talent pool at the fingertips of every recruiter.

  • RESUME: The single piece of advice that will make you stand out from 95% of the other candidates
    Very simple, your resume should be less descriptive but more factual. In other words, you have to be as specific as possible when you talk about previous experiences. You will achieve this by including magic metrics. So, instead of simply describing what your roles at a previous social media internship were, state in concrete numbers how many likes you received, how much engagement happened on the Facebook channels you ran, and how many new contacts with customers you established through social media... Or, let’s say you had an internship in Sales. Instead of a soulless description of your roles, you can write clearly that sales in your department grew by 30% during your internship, that you established, let’s say, 10 new contacts with customers, and that you did five new meetings and presentations with customers…
    3 December 2015