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Top Fields for an International Career

The idea of finding work abroad appeals to many people.  Finding an international career promises the opportunity to travel, learn new things and meet new people.  There are several things that need to be taken into account as you begin your search for work abroad.

Some jobs may require you to speak other languages fluently, or have a specific level of higher education degree or certification.  You'll most likely need both a passport and visa.  If you intend to do long term work and relocate entirely to a new country, you may need to apply for temporary residency.  You will always need to carefully research the job requirements of both the position and the country in which you are seeking employment.

One important component of finding an international job in the field you are interested or already working in is to use professional connections that you have made either through your education or your current employer, so if you are interested in looking for international work, start asking around.  You might be surprised at the opportunities that turn up simply by talking to other professionals in your chosen field who have worked abroad in the past or known someone else who has.  You could find yourself with a professional foothold and good references as you begin applying for the jobs you want.  If you're ready to get started, these are some of the top fields for finding international work outside of the United States.



One of the most well-known fields of opportunity for work outside of the United States is education.  Countries in which English is not the first language may offer teaching positions for a fluent speaker to teach English to either children or adult students.

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The prerequisites for positions like these can vary from country to country, so as with any international job, it is important to do your research on the requirements expected of applicants for any available position.  It is likely that for an English teaching job abroad, you would need to already have the required degrees or certification that would qualify you to teach in the United States.  This usually includes getting TEFL certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).  You may also be expected to fluently speak the first language of the country to which you are applying for a job – whether this is a specified requirement or not, it would obviously be in your favor.



Nursing is another profession that seems to have several options for those who are seeking international work.  Proficiency in English is often highly valued in positions of this nature, and you may be asked to take an English aptitude test as part of your application process.

Professional nursing positions may be offered in the form of full time jobs or on a more short term contract – be sure to find out what your time commitment would be before applying for a position.


Two years of nursing experience are probably the minimum of expected prior work history in the field, although specific requirements are likely to vary depending on the country in which the position is offered.


International Business

Another growing field that offers world traveling career opportunities is international business.  There are several successful companies that are looking to expand their reach into other countries and establish offices overseas.

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With a bachelor's degree in international business, or even better, a more advanced degree like an MBA (Master in Business Administration), you can apply for entry level jobs in transportation industries, banks, consulting firms, technology companies and more.

Jobs in this field typically require having a high level of expertise in your chosen industry, leadership skills, self-motivation and adaptability with ever changing technology.  Fluency in more than one language is another skill that can give you an edge if you are looking for a career in the international business world.




Another very interesting field with international employment opportunities is that of hospitality and tourism.  You may be able to decide where you want to live most and then search for tourism jobs available in that location.  These jobs would include positions at places like resorts or hotels, popular local tourist attractions, restaurants and more – in short, any facet of the travel industry that involves interacting with or providing some level of assistance to tourists.

If you're not ready to commit to living and working abroad for good, there are also short term seasonal jobs offered at hotels or resorts that are available during peak tourist seasons.  Cruise ships also offer a variety of less permanent employment possibilities in a wider selection of fields.

Working in hospitality or tourism also pays off in the long run because it can be a good way for an employee to get their foot in the door of the travel and tourism industry with an entry level job and then use the experience they gain by working and living abroad to advance to higher positions.


IT Development 

For a career that has not been in existence for all that long compared to some of the others on the list, few fields have had such a drastic impact on the world as Information Technology. Computers are everywhere, and the amount of jobs that give you the opportunity to work with them is steadily increasing.  To start a career in IT development, you will most likely need to get a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software development, or a related field. The salary of someone in the field of Information technology varies drastically depending on where you work and what you are doing, but the majority of IT jobs pay quite well, with many boasting six figure salaries.


With a rapidly expanding tech sector in Eastern countries such as Japan and China, choosing to pursue a career in IT development means that you will have plenty of great opportunities to take your work abroad, and with more and more countries across the globe starting to embrace the digital age, the odds for an adventurous, travel-hungry IT developer have never looked better.

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