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10 Jobs That Allow You To Work and Travel the World (And How to Get Them)

I bet you still remember your childhood when you were asked what you wanted to become when you grew up? In most cases, your answers were related to something where you could travel the world, or help other people, right?


Then when you grew up a bit more, most of those dreams disappeared because you became “more logical and realistic,” or, in other words, stopped believing in that magical world where everything is possible. I won’t go deeper (for now) into how negative people, life challenges, and negative self-talk influenced you to stop believing that you can achieve your dreams. In this article, I want to show you that your magical dream of working and travelling the world, at the same time, can become reality.


The first step is to see what those jobs are, the jobs which offer you an opportunity to have the whole planet as your home, and at the same time get paid for it. The next step will be meeting some of the people who are actually working those jobs and then get you working hard toward your own goal. Let’s start!


1. Virtual nomad: The biggest blessing of our generation is for sure the invention called the Internet. It doesn't just allow you to browse hot chick’s images, but actually lets you create your own money-making machine, from anywhere. Everything starts from the unique knowledge, skills, or experience you could share with people and help them to resolve some of their urgent problem and needs. You package it into a nice website and product, and you are ready to work on that and sell it globally, from any point on the Earth. If you like this idea, I would highly recommend you read this awesome book “The $100 Startup: Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love, and Work Better to Live More.” It will explain the process to you in detail and bring you dozens of inspirational stories of successful virtual nomads. When you are ready to start building your product, I highly recommend &list=PLD7lplmWCspF85fOEUNjKJFr1UJD4eBvd" target="_blank">this killer programme. If you pass it, you can be sure that you will understand and apply Marketing better than 99% of the students of Marketing. I mean, the Marketing which actually works in the real world and business.
But being a virtual nomad does not only mean that you should create a virtual product and sell it. You can sell your services too: technical (learn various coding languages), translator, designer, editor, virtual assistant…Everything you need is available with a laptop and a decent Internet connection, which you can find anywhere. Check this site out on how to become a freelancer.


2. Tour guide: Check the beautiful planet Earth out!

Planet Earth for students

Imagine it as your office! Yes, it is possible if you are an international tour guide. In most countries there are specialized schools for people who want to become tour guides. Start from this article and then use Google to find schools for tour guides in your country and region (and others). Of course, start working on your English, Mandarin, and/or Spanish immediately. It should be perfect! (In Greece, I met an unbelievable tour guide who could speak eight languages fluently, so no excuses!)


3. Flight attendant: Well, this has became so popular recently that nowadays most air attendants have University degrees. In my opinion, it’s a perfect opportunity for young people to visit many countries and enjoy everything our planet has to offer. Although it sounds very cool, the selection process and training is rather tough. But do not worry: we will organize a webinar with two HeySuccess users who were air attendants for the Emirates and the Etihad. They will reveal everything to you; well, almost everything.


4. English Teacher:

SONY DSCTeach English to amazing kids (and adults) around the world, enjoy immersing yourself into a local culture, and get paid reasonably well. And do not get discouraged if you are not a native English speaker. You only have to pass and earn the ESL certification, and you will be ready to move to Japan, Russia, Korea, Italy, Malaysia… Check here for more details and info on the process.


5. Manager in a multinational corporation:
You are at the right place! Once you start working for a multinational corporation, the borders will really have a very relevant meaning for you. In most corporations, employees have an opportunity to switch work assignments among local branches every few years. Until you get married. :-) But if your wife/husband is willing to travel with you, I guess your travels won’t stop until your final travel, from this planet I mean! ;-) How to get such a job? Well, I need more than a few lines to explain it, but briefly this would be a way: utilize as many student opportunities as a student (mostly internship), network, and one semester before graduation, start applying for opportunities for graduates, often called Young Professional Programmes.


6. Diplomat:

How to become a diplomat

One of those jobs which was at the top of our wish list many years ago. If you make it into the diplomatic service of your country, you will have an opportunity to work in at least several different countries during your career. Now the question is, how to make it into a diplomatic service in your country? It really depends on each specific country. For example, in the UK, application to the Diplomatic Service is via online recruitment “competitions” that take place once or twice a year. The process begins with an online aptitude test followed by the completion of a competency-based application. Applicants who are successful are invited to an assessment centre and finally asked to another selection event where they are required to make a presentation and have a final in-depth interview.
In order to start, I would recommend you start preparing yourself even in the early years of your studies. Check out how the recruitment for diplomatic service is conducted in your country; start gaining useful skills—in particular, key foreign languages like English, Mandarin, Spanish, and Russian; gain knowledge and inform yourself about the fields of economics, politics, and history. Start networking with people who are already employed in the Diplomatic Service, and ask them for a help...If you start early enough and work hard, you will make it.


7. Au Pair: I always say that the best experience abroad is living in a host family. I personally have had experiences with host families in Italy and Taiwan, and every single day spent with my host families was a unique moment in my life. You can have such experiences very often thanks to au pair programmes, in which you live with one family, help them usually with their kids, have accommodations and lodging covered, and get some money for your personal costs. You can have au pair experience in almost any developed country and since there are literally thousands of sites where you can inform yourself and find an au pair job, I won’t recommend any of them. Just simply Google them and enjoy the experience abroad.


8. Interpreter & Translator:

How to become a translator

Well, most of us can speak one or more foreign languages, but very few of us are really passionate about it and making it more perfect every day. In my opinion, for being a professional translator, it takes something more. It requires that additional talent touch because it requires full fluency and proficiency in a foreign language. Usually it’s not enough to complete linguistic studies, but there are specific programs for translators. If you want to become a professional world class translator, I would recommend you pick one language and truly and deeply master it by making it more perfect every day. Also, check into specific academic and non-academic specialized programmes for translators.

9. Simply travel the world: Sounds very simple, right? For our friend Harry, that was simple. His trip has not ceased for 20 years and he has visited every single country on the planet. When we host a webinar with him, you will have an opportunity to ask him how he manages to do that.


10. HeySuccess Champion: This is not exactly a job, but if you do this during your studies and participate at fully funded student events and internships, you will enjoy it even more than having a regular job. Personally, when I was a student, in only five semesters I managed to travel to over 20 countries on four continents, without even spending a penny. Many of my friends could not believe I was not a member of any secret organization.


You have the best tool to start now:


If I missed some more ideas, feel free to share them with our fans below in the comments! You might change someone’s life!

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