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What Jobs Do Most Young People Want?

Do you ever find yourself thinking about what kind of career is the right fit for you? There are many jobs available today that never existed before. Due to the development of technology and the way of life that comes with it, accessible information and possibilities seem endless. It is an exciting time to live. BUT, how do you make a decision on what to pursue and what is it that is really offered out there in the real world?

In order to find some inspiration for possible career routes to take, I talked with friends and searched the web to come up with a list of jobs that are popular among the youth of today!


Digital Marketer

For quite a few years now, we have spent our free time watching YouTube or other social media and we see people sharing their interests, creating content, showing their adventures, and making full time jobs out of it. These types of jobs give you independence and liberty and are also quite flexible. You could turn your travels or hobbies into a thriving business!

Look at the example of Demetris, a young guy from Cyprus who, through involvement in a HeySuccess internship, discovered his love and talent for marketing and got a job offer from one of the biggest advertising networks in the world. He works on building the online presence of brands and meeting their marketing goals.


Teachers and Professors

You can spend around twenty years in school getting prepared for real life! It is no wonder that many of us find our interests and passions in certain subjects and teaching. As a teacher you get to influence others, help them discover their talents, share your passion and love for the subjects you teach, and watch your students grow and develop. That, plus longer holidays than most other professions, makes it a popular choice among many!


Freelance Online Work

Meet freelancers–people who broke free from 9 to 5 jobs to live their lives according to their own rules! If you would like to travel and see the world, this type of work can provide you with a great source of income. Freelancers use their IT and language skills to perform tasks for various employers. You just need to Google to find useful sites like Udemy, where you can learn skills like web development and be on your way to conquering more freelance work.


NGO Professional

Do you want to make a positive change in the world? You could join one of many NGO organizations or you could start an initiative of your own. A young woman from Ghana named Bernice Dapaah created an initiative of producing bikes made of bamboo! This initiative helps build a more sustainable product and, at the same time, creates jobs. You can read about it and a couple of other initiatives started by young professionals here. Get inspired! To change the world you do not need a specific educational background! What you need is passion and the will to affect the issues around you.


Flight Attendant

Do you dream about seeing the world? Do you want a break from the office environment, and be active? Then you should look into being a flight attendant. This job allows you to travel the world and experience adventures.



Many young people are following their ideas and passions and starting their own businesses. They are escaping the “normal” career and taking a risk to realize their own dreams. Look at the example of Pierre Omidyar, a programmer who started auctioning his stuff on his personal website in 1995. His personal project evolved to what we now know as eBay. He is not alone, there were many others who followed their passions or recognized an opportunity and seized it! You can read more about his story and of other great entrepreneurs here.


Data Scientist

Have you ever heard of big data? Well, data scientists certainly have! Technology has changed our daily lives, we use it for almost everything and with this use we are leaving large amounts of data which somebody needs to make sense of. This is where data scientists come in. They analyze data collected by computers and then advise diverse organizations on how to use it. CBS has published an article on a report by where data scientist is listed as one of career choices in which opportunities for employment of millennials offer good gains and future prospects. You can read more about it here.


Many diverse jobs are out there and the decision making process isn’t easy, but the best approach when in doubt is RESEARCH.

When I say research I do not mean just Googling different jobs. I mean talking to people, traveling, going to forums, workshops, seminars, and internships. These experiences can help you explore different interests, build diverse skills, and hopefully lead you to a job you want. Perhaps, even one of the above!

There are many opportunities to consider that can help you find what you are good at and what interests you. For example, each year HeySuccess organizes a HeySuccess Internship Challenge  that allows you to work as an intern from your home city with young people all over the world. You get to gain some real life experience and skills in diverse areas like social media marketing and event management, among many others.

You can see how effective these types of opportunities are as many interns found their jobs and passions through trying to learn new skills and getting out of their comfort zones. You can read about their experiences here.

The point is to be daring and explore! There are many opportunities and careers out there!

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