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Immediate Steps to Triple Your Chances of Success With International Programs and Career in General

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The worst mistake that students and graduates make is just waiting around to get selected for the perfect opportunity abroad.

In reality, getting selected for a dream internship or scholarship abroad might take some time as well as some hard work on improving your chances, even before you hit your first SUBMIT APPLICATION button.
Luckily, there are very specific things that you can do immediately to rapidly improve your career prospects for international programs.

Let us help you with these concrete strategies:

  1. Ensure you never miss any new opportunity.

    Every year we post over 30,000 selected international programs, and we don’t want you to miss any opportunities that match your desired search criteria. We built a solution for you to never miss any newly added opportunities—here you go!

    Bonus: When you find a program you like, we don’t want you to miss that program’s deadline either. Through the above link, you’ll find a solution to get reminded five days before that program’s deadline.

    Now that we’ve managed with HeySuccess to finally stop that awful feeling of missed opportunities, let’s move on to the next strategies.

  2. Improve your resume.

    Before you submit your first application, I bet your resume needs a bit of an upgrade.

    We wrote a step-by-step guide on creating exceptional resumes that will help you to drastically improve your resume. Download it here.

    When you are done improving your resume by following the steps and tips from the guide, feel free to share it with our resume experts who will be more than happy to provide their personalized feedback on your resume (you can do it through the HeySuccess Virtual Career Centre).

  3. Create your own skill acquisition plan.

    The whole purpose of your studies is not only to get a degree but also to acquire tangible skills. Believe us, this attitude will be of immense help when you get out of your campus bubble.

    For that reason, we created a dedicated guide on the must-have, desirable, and specific skills you need before you graduate and how to create your own skill acquisition plan. Download it here.

  4. Start your own portfolio blog (not just for designers, but for every student).

    If you have a portfolio blog where you share your work, thoughts, experiences, and achievements, this will set you apart from 95% of other students and graduates.

    You can find a detailed step-by-step guide on how to do it here (no coding required).

  5. Start applying for international opportunities.

    Regardless of whether you aim to apply to an internship, scholarship, or student event abroad, there are ten crucial application principles that you have to thoroughly understand if you don’t want to just keep getting rejections.

    These are the general, unbreakable laws of any successful application, and so we cannot stress enough how important it is that you understand them well and keep them in mind whenever you write any type of application for programs abroad. Find it here.

    If you’re stuck anywhere or need any help with a specific application, you know that our career experts are more than happy to help you through the HeySuccess Virtual Career Centre.

  6. Get there immediately!

    Before you even travel abroad to participate in your first international program experience, we want you to learn and feel how is it to visit, work and live in Japan, Australia, Sweden, Italy, the UK…

    If you set your mind to imagine yourself in all those wonderful destinations, your subconscious will find a way to make it happen.

    So, we highly advise you to read our country guides, network with expats who are already there and watch interesting videos about all those lovely countries.

    When you eventually get selected, did you know that HeySuccess can help you get settled in the country? Again, the HeySuccess Virtual Career Centre is your friend!


(for the bravest out there): Start your own business!

Starting, building, and running your business will definitely be one of the most defining experiences of your life, with countless ups and downs. In the end, it’s possible that your entrepreneurial endeavor might bring you financial freedom for life. In any case, it’s guaranteed that the experience will be a rapid skill acquisition path for you.

We prepared a step-by-step guide for this as well. Download it here.

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