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10 Best countries for an internship abroad

You are in the middle of your university studies or have finished them and are in need of expanding your skills and practical experience. Well, it doesn’t sound bad at all to be doing all of this in a completely different country, where you get to not only expand your skills but also personally develop and get into some new adventures.

Do not be fooled, every internship comes with its challenges and especially adding foreign surroundings can make it a bit extra difficult, but the benefits definitely outweigh the costs!

Now when I have convinced you into exploring internships abroad, the next question that pops up in your mind is probably where to go. In order to provide you with a bit of inspiration I have browsed through the internet, the internship opportunities platform and asked around for the best countries for an internship abroad.


United Kingdom

This is a country filled with opportunities, but also stiff competition. Being the one of the largest economies in the world and headquarter for many successful businesses UK is ripe with many diverse opportunities. Internships in the field of business, economics, communications and policies are very common, although the choice is very diverse and it is definitely worth investigating more.



A beautiful country in Western Europe that offers mediaeval castles, frites, chocolate and waffles until you can eat no more. If you know French, Dutch, German or English, you are in luck as all of these languages are spoken in the country, and thus making your search for internships a bit wider. The country is also headquarters of main institutions of European Union and many major international organizations. Thus, one can expect that there are many opportunities to be found across various cities in Belgium.



The most populous country in the world and one of the world’s largest economies has many opportunities to offer. If you are looking for an internship opportunity where you will truly put yourself out of your comfort zone, China should be your choice. New language and a rich culture to discover will truly bring you a unique experience. Do not worry! There are a lot of internships available in English!



When I was in elementary school and first heard of Singapore I was immediately fascinated with the stories of how organized, safe, developed and multicultural it was. I was especially interested in how could it be that they do not allow chewing gums. How does that work? Thankfully, my interests have evolved and with it I can add that Singapore is a global financial capital that will provide you with a lot of work experience while being in a place that is bustling with many organizations and is a great place to network.



Canada is a country in North America which draws in people with its breathtaking nature and welcoming friendly people. There will be no short of opportunities as it is one of the most developed in the world.



You ready for an adventure? Australia is your place, as it can provide with both safety and comfort of its developed cities and adventures in its nature. There are internship opportunities in a lot of different fields, including conservation, tourism and nonprofit sector.


New Zealand

A country that really awakens imagination and tops the lists globally on safety, education and many other important developmental factors. Internships here come in all shapes and sizes and in many diverse fields like environmental science, marine biology, architecture, and adventure tourism.


Republic of South Africa

Penguins! There are penguins in South Africa! Now just think what else there is to discover in this really fascinating land. If you are interested in working with environmental issues and conservation, this is the country for you. Of course, there are internships in many other areas like business, engineering and others.


Exotic places

I am guessing many of you would like to combine your internship with an adventure. Being able to travel to a place that is very exotic to you and is not the classical choice of many will bring you many advantages in terms of personal development. At you have an option of choosing internships in exotic places and it can lead you to opportunities like internships for UNESCO in Samoa. You could also find for example an internship grant for an internship you found yourself maybe in Iceland? The opportunities are endless and technology can help you reach them.



Ok this one is not a country, but online internships are on the rise. You can find internships in social media marketing, communications, IT and in many other fields. Although, these types of internships are still developing they are definitely worth a search. They can give you the opportunity to learn new skills, gain work experience, make connections, while staying at the comfort of your home. HeySuccess has been offering online internships for four seasons now and they have been extremely successful. Some of our interns were able to turn the skills and knowledge they have acquired into opportunities at some of the leading companies like Apple, Unilever and others. You can read more about the internship here.



There are many options out there. What is important before you start your search for internships is to decide what is it that you would like to accomplish and get out of your internship experience. Each country and internship opportunity has something unique to give you in terms of experience you will acquire, so think of your goals and do not be so quick to give up on an internship opportunity even if it is a less traveled by choice!

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