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KDI School of Public Policy and Management I wanted to thank you for all opportunities you provided me in last 12 months! Last August I travelled to Finland on all costs covered to attend the Arctic Change-Global Challenge: Workshop for Emerging Global Leaders in Rovaniemi. I got that opportunity through my search on That experience in Finland equipped me with many useful contacts and practical knowledge on climate change, globalisation and leadership, that will be very useful in improving my society. Additionally, just last month I got accepted to participate at the two weeks World Festival of Youth and students in Sochi, Russia. Last but not least, I am currently doing a sales & marketing internship with HeySuccess and discovering the talent that I did not have an idea I had. Thank you for providing so many opportunities and resources for millions of young people around the world and helping them to develop their future!
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University of Stockholm
Hey everyone! My name is Enkeleda and I am a HeySuccess Premium user. I wanted to share this happy moment as a thank you to the whole HeySuccess team because you are one of the reasons I achieved this. I found the Swedish Institute Study Scholarship at your website and thanks to it I have just started my master studies at Stockholm University on a full scholarship. A million times thank you for all your wonderful work: dozens of thousands of opportunities, great application tips and overall the great positive vibe you are spreading with young people around the Globe! Greetings from Sweden!
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HeySuccess is a very important part of my life! I was selected for an internship at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. I saw that internship opportunity on HeySuccess some time ago, but decided to apply in April 2017. Certainly, HeySuccess helpful resources, like the webinars with people who have already admitted to big companies and organizations, contributed a lot to this success. I am excited for the upcoming professional experience and certainly about moving to Brussels. Thank you HeySuccess!
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As soon as I upgraded to HeySuccess Premium account, I went fanatical browsing through fully funded internships offered by top global companies like PepsiCo, McKinsey, Addidas, and Porsche. I don't think people realise how valuable this database is; one click and this platform can help you land your dream internship abroad.
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Stanford University
HeySuccess was one of my first and most important sources of opportunities and inspiration. When I met Milenko and found out about HeySuccess, I applied and got selected by two amazing student programs in Russia and South Africa. Those experiences gave me the push that I needed to go after even more opportunities and further develop my own startup, GloVo (now Ethelon). And that's not all! While working for the biggest consulting services network in the world, PwC, a few months ago I got admitted to Stanford University's MBA program in California, and last month I was short-listed in the Forbes "30 under 30 Social Entrepreneurs" list for 2017. My advice to you is to never stop chasing your wildest dreams, never lose your enthusiasm and confidence, and always dream big! Sky is not the limit, because there are no limits!
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