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Canvassity Pan-Africa Youth Fellowship
I have a great passion for travelling, exploring other cultures and in general improving myself. I think that HeySuccess is the best resources for young people to do so. Here is why! Few months ago, I found a great program on HeySuccess. I immediately sent the application and very soon I received some great news. I was selected to attend the Canvassity Pan-Africa Youth Fellowship in Nigeria on all costs covered by organisers (airfare, accommodation, local costs..). Those seven days I spent in Nigeria last February were completely life-changing for me. I met extraordinary young leaders from about 10 different African countries who were very determined to improve their communities. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn, get inspired and in general grow as a person. Thank you HeySuccess for this amazing experience and for offering so many opportunities!
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Last February, I found a paid internship position on HeySuccess at a cool company called based in the UK. It was an incredible learning experience that led to a full-time job offer from the company. Thank you, HeySuccess, for all those incredible opportunities and resources!''
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Proud to be Us - Laos!
I studied in the USA and the United Kingdom, and now I’m going to study in France, all on FULL government scholarships. I am here to tell you about the many scholarships that are available from 61 foreign governments for students just like you to come and study in their countries. Forget about all the stupid excuses and utilize the world of unlimited opportunities! Here is my full webinar in which I explained how to study in the UK on a full scholarship:, and here you can find all the details about 61 foreign government scholarships:! Studying abroad is the most amazing and enriching experience you can have in your 20s. Do not miss out on it!
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Himachal Pradesh University
Thank you HeySuccess for this scholarship! I recently got accepted to do my Masters through a scholarship I learned about on your site. :-) I got the scholarship with African Scholarship Scheme of ICCR to study my masters degree in zoology in India. The university is small in comparison to my old one, it's very cosy. I guess the biggest challenge is getting over the culture shock and I am really looking forward to all this amazing study abroad experience! Your site is really great and you can be sure all my friends and ex-classmates knows about it. Thank you!
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G-20 Summit
Thanks to HeySuccess, I learnt and got selected to two life-changing opportunities. Firstly, I attended G20 Y summit in Switzerland last September. One of the objectives of the G-20Y Summit is to assemble a set of perspectives from future business leaders on the most critical economic and geo-political issues that should be tackled by G20 leaders, policy makers, business leaders, industry bodies and the greater society. Secondly, I was selected with 7 researchers out of more than 50 applicants to present a research paper in the Italian ministry of foreign affairs in Rome in 7 days from now about Middle East Youth. Thank you HeySuccess for impacting my 20s in such a great way!
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