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Omprakash Ethical Global Engagement Grants support travel, living, and EdGE tuition expenses for exceptional candidates. The expectation is that recipients join our EdGE learning community and volunteer or intern abroad for 3+ months with one (or more) of our international Partner organizations.


Our grants target different audiences and offer varying levels of support. All share the purpose of broadening access to transformational hybrid learning opportunities that combine the EdGE online learning platform with international field positions in the Omprakash network.

Omprakash does not sell volunteer or internship ‘placements.’

We have been working for over a decade to make volunteering abroad more ethical, educational, and affordable. We recognize that the costs of traveling and living abroad present barriers for many qualified individuals, and that the cost of joining our EdGE learning community leads many to go without the valuable training and mentorship that EdGE offers. Our grant programs are intended for potential EdGE students who are poised to contribute to our mission but would struggle to afford the cost of EdGE tuition and/or the costs of travel and living abroad.

While some grants cover full expenses, most will not.

Grant recipients are often expected to ‘meet us halfway,’ and are welcome to use the Omprakash Crowdfunding platform to help cover unmet costs.

All grant recipients are expected to become Omprakash Ambassadors, helping to expand and deepen the Omprakash network before, during, and after their time abroad.

Steps for seeking an Ethical Global Engagement Grant:

  1. Take time to peruse the Omprakash website. Acquaint yourself with our mission and our unique approach and commitment to facilitating ethical global engagement.
  2. Read the FAQs below to answer some of the initial questions you may have.
  3. Because all of our grants involve participating in our EdGE program, the process of applying for a grant is integrated into the EdGE Registration flow. Your answers to any of the questions within the EdGE Registration are considered part of your grant request, so take your time to go through it thoughtfully!
  4. Note that we require a $20 USD application fee when you submit a grant request. This is only intended to help us ensure that we receive sincere, deliberate requests. In very exceptional circumstances, we may waive this fee and you are free to contact us if you think you should qualify for a waiver.

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Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone is eligible to apply for an Omprakash Grant, regardless of nationality, age, gender, religion, or any other background characteristics.  Our EdGE Gap Year Grant is limited to applicants who are 22 years of age or younger, but our other grant programs do not have any age restrictions.

Do I need to already have a confirmed field position and/or travel plan before requesting a grant?

No.  The grant application will ask you to share your current plans and intentions, and we do expect that applicants will have spent some time browsing our netwok and developing a preliminary vision.

However, the EdGE pre-departure training and mentorship process includes sustained reflection about your own goals, intentions, and opportunities as you prepare to volunteer or intern abroad, and it is perfectly normal to change your plans in the midst of this process.  Thus, applicants are not required to have 'finalized' anything before applying for a grant.


Deadline: As soon as possible

Cost/funding for participants

The generous support of our donors allows us to offer the following grant programs:

  • EdGE Gap Year Grant: The EdGE Gap Year Grant targets individuals who can commit to volunteering or interning with an international Omprakash Partner for more than six months and who are 22 years of age or younger at the time of their application. The EdGE Gap Year Grant includes free tuition to our EdGE online learning program and up to $2500 to cover international travel and living expenses.
  • EdGE Travel Grants: The EdGE Travel Grant defrays the costs of travel and living abroad for volunteers or interns who are spending 3+ months with an Omprakash Partner. There is no restriction on volunteer age. Typical grant amounts range from $500 to $1500.
  • EdGE Scholarships: EdGE Scholarships offer partial or full tuition reductions to EdGE participants.
  • Crowdfund Matching Grants: Crowdfund Matching Grants offer up to $1500 in matching funds for EdGE students who are using the Omprakash Crowdfund platform.
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