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We are looking for native English speakers to join our growing team of teachers in Russia (no previous teaching experience needed & ability to speak Russian is not required). We are involved in group teaching, one-on-one teaching, camps for children, classes for adults and much more. We welcome all enthusiastic individuals to come teach their native language and explore the rich experiences Russia has to offer.


Encounter Russia educates people interested in experiencing Russia first hand. Whether you are undecided about where to spend your leap year after graduation, you have a travel bug you can't shake or you have always wanted to experience Russia, we invite you to consider diving into Russia not only as a tourist but as a resident. 

We look for candidates to travel to Russia as teachers and instructors of many disciplines who are genuinely interested in Russia and its culture. Our teachers have the opportunity to teach what they love and what they're good at in English. If you want to learn more about the unforgettable experiences Russia offers, read more about how you can travel to Russia, teach in one of many roles and earn money while doing it. Whatever your area of studies or expertise, give Russia a thought and you'll find it has more to offer than you expect. 

We promote experience abroad among native English speakers through teaching in English and private education. We strive to break down stereotypes and open people's minds to other cultures. We invite native English speakers to come to Russia and share their gifts, talents and knowledge with Russian people who want to learn English in order to become more educated, improve their job opportunities and travel the world. This, in turn, enriches the lives of others with whom our students come in contact.  


We do not require formal teaching experience and we do not expect from you to be able to speak Russian.

You, the Teacher, set aside up to 25 teaching hours per week to working with families and individuals on their English and Hudson Group covers your in-country costs and grants you a monthly stipend. Airfare and visa costs may be reimbursed (conditions apply). You spend time with a child or children, usually in an informal setting, and create an English-speaking environment for him or her. For example, you may be assigned to spend 5 hours, twice a week in one particular family and 5 hours, three times per week with another.

Or you may be involved with children in camps or even spend time at companies helping employees improve their English. There is a wide range of areas you can gain experience in. The ages of the students vary greatly from toddlers to adults and their language levels range from beginner to advanced. You use your talents and hobbies to engage students in various activities. Use your musical abilities, play board games, go for walks, play sports, draw and anything else you can think of, you do in English! You use every day, hands-on activities in order to help students express themselves in English. 

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We look for native English speakers who have skills and talents they can teach and thereby the language that goes with it. Do you play an instrument? Let's use your musical talent to play and sing songs in English and give music lessons in English. Are you good at math, physics or other sciences? Let's use your knowledge to teach children who are preparing to enter educational institutions having English programs. Are you good at sports? Let's use your abilities to engage students in sports activities in English. Are you into acting and theater? Come see how you can use your training in acting and theater and become a successful teacher.

More conretely, we are looking for a person who is able to engage students in various activities and interact with them in a way that creates an environment for learning a language naturally and in an informal setting. A Teacher Intern may engage students through music, games, sports, reading, or simply by going on walks and observing surroundings with students. We are looking for young individuals from all backgrounds who are enthusiastic about meeting new people and helping them express themselves in English. We do not require formal teaching experience and we do not expect from you to be able to speak Russian.

Our Teacher Interns above all have good communication skills, are sociable, creative, engaging and interested in working with people. They also know how to relate to people and use their interests in order to come up with activities relevant to their students. 


Don't I have to be able to speak some Russian?

No. You do not have to know Russian before coming to Russia. We encourage teachers to learn Russian because it is the gateway to the culture. However, knowledge of Russian is not required when working with children because we do not use translation as a means of communicating. We use the same methods a child would through interactive play and activity-based learning accompanied by gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice. Nonverbal communication, when used correctly and in context, is much more effective than any other methods. 

Is it safe to be in Moscow as an American?

Moscow is just as safe a city for an American as any metropolis in the USA. 


Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year

Cost/funding for participants:

What is provided for me as a teacher or governor in Russia?

  1. Fully furnished shared accommodation 
  2. Unlimited transportation pass (subway, bus, tram, trolley bus) 
  3. Monthly allowance for food and personal costs
  4. Airfare reimbursment (the amount depending on the lenght of your stay in Russia)
  5. Visa fees (conditions apply)
  6. Legal support including visa support and foreigner registration
  7. Full teacher training and support
  8. Transportation to and from the airport
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