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A letter from HeySuccess

Some of our users have asked us why they must upgrade to Premium to have access to HeySuccess. For many of you who have already upgraded to Premium, you have already answered this question for yourself. However, for our other users, we would like to address this.

Over the last three years, we have worked hard to develop our technology and bring thousands of companies, universities, and other organizations to our platform. This has resulted in over 35,000 opportunities being posted from all over the world, with more than 5,500 opportunities active at any moment. In the next 12 months, we will reach a total of 50,000 student programs posted from over 190 countries, with 10,000 active programs. All those programs are searchable using our powerful and extremely fast search engine. Additionally, our team of HR experts and successful graduates prepare tons of helpful resources for you (e.g. application tips, webinars, guides, motivational stories). Because of all those opportunities and resources, dozens of thousands of you have found life-changing internships, scholarships, graduate positions, and—more importantly—your own path in life.

All of that cannot be offered without a small fee. HeySuccess is a Premium product for young people who are serious about their success. If the HeySuccess Premium fee (£29 a year) is an obstacle for you, do you believe you will be able to overcome much bigger challenges? For example, even if you are selected for a fully funded internship abroad, there will be other basic costs that you must pay, such as a visa, living expenses, and transportation, and each will be much greater than £29.

We receive on a daily basis lots of Premium upgrades from users located in developing countries. Even from countries like: Uganda, Sudan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Kenya.. All of them either managed to find £29 or managed to persuade someone else to purchase it for them.

We have provided you with some concrete tools to help you get a Premium upgrade, including having the membership paid by someone else and fundraising. If you still believe that you cannot get a Premium membership (or can not persuade someone else to invest in you in that way), then this is not the product for you. 

Remember: there are some free alternatives out there, but they are extremely time consuming and limiting. You can search on Google, browse messy WordPress sites (youth portals), and check your university’s career centre listings, but you will still miss most of the opportunities that are out there.

HeySuccess will always remain a Premium product for premium users who value their time, enjoy having plenty of opportunities at their fingertips, and know how to utilize the HeySuccess application and career resources. Overall, this is a product for young people who do not accept ''I can't!'' as a final answer.

We hope to see you soon in our Premium Club!

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