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8 Surprising Things you did not know about HeySuccess

It has been almost 3 years since you and other students started using HeySuccess. If you think you know everything about HeySuccess, think twice. Here are seven surprising things you probably did not know about us.


1)     It started from a personal pain and problem

While he was a student in Greece, our CEO and Founder, Milenko, wanted to find a way to avoid the ‘’lost generation’’ destiny. Therefore, he wanted to do other things besides his regular studies, but the big problem was finding student programs like internships, scholarships, student conferences, and competitions. There were literally hundreds of webpages (if not thousands) that offered tiny portions of all the opportunities that are out there. Further, many of them were messy WordPress sites, career centres, and local career pages. There was no single, global platform where he could browse all the programs and filter them by citizenship, field of study, location, or funding options.

Despite wasting a lot of time searching for those opportunities, and missing many of them, he managed to find enough opportunities to travel to over 20 countries for internships, student conferences, and scholarships. Here are some of the activities Milenko combined with his regular studies that had an astounding effect on his career.


Milenko in Taiwan as a part of SayTaiwan Program:

HeySuccess in Taiwan


Internship in Brussels, Belgium:

Internship at EU


One Young World Ambassador at the Summit 2012

One Young World Summit


World Business Dialogue in Germany

World Business Dialogue in Germany


The effect of all those activities was powerful. Milenko received two job offers before he even graduated, despite graduating during a time when youth unemployment was skyrocketing.

He decided to reject those job offers and create a website that will gather all the student programs abroad with the ability to filter them.

Very quickly he realized that student programs had a huge effect on his friends and other users, such as Anna, Sheriffo, and Aris. These were young people that, despite rising youth unemployment, had plenty of opportunities to choose from before they even graduated. Milenko called them Millennial Champions, as opposed to the “Lost Generation,” and he realized that HeySuccess is the missing piece for successful young people who want to go beyond regular studies. That is how the vision for HeySuccess developed from a personal frustration to something that helps millions of students build their futures.


2)     The idea was born and started in Greece.

The Olympic Games were born in Greece, and the HeySuccess idea started there too. Actually, we do have a connection to the Olympic games. Do you remember the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, with the most beautiful opening ceremony ever?

Mrs. Gianna Angelopoulos Daskalaki, who was CEO of the Athens Olympics in 2004, was our first external investor.

Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki

Her €10,000 grant helped us launch a more advanced website. Thank you, Mrs. A., for all your kindness and support! May your Olympic legacy and the vision of Greece be alive and stronger than ever.


3)     HeySuccess’s very first investor was Milenko’s mother, who is not with us anymore

The very first believer in the HeySuccess idea was Milenko’s mother, who gave him some money for initial costs. She cheered for all our successes and was very interested in all the HeySuccess updates.

Unfortunately, she did not stay longer on this planet to continue cheering us on. She passed away in August 2016.

We are sure that she is proudly watching on us from Heaven, and she is happy for all our beloved users’ successes.


4)     Brothers founders

After Milenko decided to create, he invited his brother, Igor, to join him. He accepted the challenge.

heysuccess founders


5)     We moved to the UK and launched HeySuccess as an UK brand, thanks to being selected as winners of the UK Government Sirius Programme.

Sirius programme



6)     In just three years, we attracted registered users in almost every single country in the world (186, to be exact) and Premium users in 101 countries.

heysuccess premium


7) The most popular features. First, users like our fast search engine and the built-in criterion for citizenship. These features mean that they not only find programs quickly, but those opportunities are ones they are eligible to apply for.  No more wasting time on searching opportunities and then realising that you are not eligible to apply to them.

Second, users love our innovative notifications that ensure they never miss an opportunity or deadline.




8)     From a single personal problem, to a solution, to a big global problem

We created HeySuccess because we wanted student opportunities to be at the fingertips of every student, quickly accessible through a powerful search engine. Then we realized that HeySuccess is being used by some of the most successful young people in addition to their regular studies. We believe that a university education is very important, but it is far from enough in our highly competitive and globalized world. HeySuccess provides an advantage on top of the college degree that makes graduates more skilled and prepared in the global marketplace for talent. Besides offering opportunities to obtain precious international experience, the HeySuccess platform helps young people realize their dreams, acquire a “Can Do” mindset, and develop self-confidence exactly when they need it most, in their 20s.


Is there anything else you would like to learn about HeySuccess? Feel free to ask below in the comments.

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