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Just a step away from a trip to the Space

My name is Freeman Osonuga, I am an African, I am a Nigerian, I am a humanitarian. I was recently selected as one of 30 people to participate in the Rising Star Programme, a collaboration between Kruger Cowne, One Young World and Spaceship Earth Grants which will send one person to space in 2016. The program was published at and I want to thank to HeySuccess team for aggregating thousands of life-changing opportunities for talent globally.

I am happy to inform you that I have been shortlisted as one of 3 finalists out of thousands who applied. More than just being the journey of a lifetime, this spaceflight will help bring commercial space travel closer to being a reality. It is quite important.

For the next stage of the competition, I will travel to Bangkok, Thailand with two other finalists to address 1,300 delegates and a panel of renowned judges at a special session of the 2015 One Young World Summit next month from 18-21 November, 2015. This session will be live-streamed to a global audience. I am a little nervous, I must confess, but I'm quite confident that I'll make Africa, Nigeria and you proud.

To show your support and help make history, please tweet #SendFreemanToSpace whenever you can. It'll also be great if you can get your friends to do the same. Also here's what you can do right now to help- click the following link and share my finalist profile via the social media platforms provided my video which can be found here.

With your support I will be a very first black African in the Space!

I look forward to sharing more good news with you soon.

For enquiries:

Facebook: Freeman Osonuga


+2347035010768, +2348160549635

Thank you for your time.

- Freeman Osonuga

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