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Volunteering in North Korea and Other Unique & Out-of-this-world Student Opportunities

Ready for a real adventure?

If you thought that young people only travel to the most common places to gain experience, you were wrong. I still remember when I was a student just a few years ago, student programs abroad were quite an unknown concept and were regarded as something that only the rich could participate in. But that was the pre-HeySuccess era!

Now in the HeySuccess era, the borders have been moved further out. For some of you, even this planet has become too small.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you some of the weirdest and most exotic student programs we have had on our site. But before I do so, let me present with two more usual but equally extraordinary opportunities!

Here is one great opportunity to live and work in Portugal. Or are you more into a fully-funded gap year in Greece?

Now take a deep breath and enjoy the weirdest and most exotic student programs ever!

1. Volunteering in North Korea

Even the most isolated country in the world accepts foreign young people.

When we promoted a volunteering opportunity in January a few years ago, we were flooded with enormous interest. It seems that many young people are brave and adventurous and they realize what a great, impactful experience they could have from the opportunity to teach English in North Korea. The organizers selected 28 volunteers and the two volunteers (Dustin and Jessica) were the first volunteers to travel.

Beyond the life-changing experience, imagine how exciting it will be to tell future employers, significant others, and friends about your experiences volunteering in North Korea. What a great addition to a resume!

We will update you when the selection process begins for a new year’s volunteer group!

As an alternative, here's another volunteering program in North Korea for you to check out. If you have a set of business skills ranging from management, lean startup methods, and business plan creation to marketing, cash flow, team building, and accounting (and more) then this program is for you!

2. A Fully Funded Trip to Space

Are you bored of Earth? How about traveling to space and experiencing something that only 500 people have experienced ever?

Here is the opportunity for you to travel to space. You will receive full sponsorship for the training, spaceflight ticket, travel, accommodations, and any other directly associated costs during the program.

Enjoy space and see our beautiful planet from that distance!

3. Trip to the South Pole

Do you remember Sunil? Yes, the HeySuccess mate who traveled to the South Pole as a part of Mr. Robert Swan’s mission. Sunil is from India, and he managed to fundraise over $36,000 in a very short period of time and enjoy this life-changing trip to see our friends, the penguins, and Weddell seals.

You can read his blog story about his experience. You can also have an amazing journey at the South Pole through this fully-funded internship.

4. Internships, Scholarships, and Conferences in Exotic Resorts

Imagine that you have an opportunity to relax here every day after work.

There are some very exciting programs available like this opportunity in Maldives where you can explore the country's uninhabited islands, and crystal clear waters while making a difference! Do you like exotic places so much that you would want to stay longer than just a few months? Then here you go; an undergraduate scholarship in Rwanda and Mauritius!

5. Internships in Tiny European Countries: Vatican, Lichtenstein, Malta…

Imagine having an internship and, in those 2-3 months, you have the opportunity to meet most of the people from an entire country. Maybe even a President or the Pope! Fancy the idea?

Then check out these internship opportunities in Lichtenstein, Vatican, and Malta. Or are you more interested in a colder climate? Then, a retreat in Iceland is the program for you!

Keep it up, champion! In our next newsletter, I will bring you something extraordinary! I promise you will be blown away. Stay tuned!

And do not forget: only the Sky is the Limit! Or actually, it's not? wink

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