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About You. About Love

Hey you, my joy and sorrow at the same time. You, whose eyes have told me the story of the beautifulness in some far forgotten world.

You, who brought me peace and courage in my heart. You who gave me hope.


It’s about you. And love. 

But it’s not about political correctness, when everyone is smiling at each other, but deep inside they don't care.

It’s not about plain words that mean nothing.

It’s not about false prophets who promise you paradises, but want only your body, to enslave it to the chains of evil.

It’s not about people who pretended to be your best friends, but betray you when times are tough.

It’s not about hatred disguised in the clothes of courtesy and politeness.

Not about blindly believing anyone’s lies, but forgetting to respect to your loyal friends.

And it’s not about you going through life, longing for the day when all hopes will be fulfilled.


It’s about love.

It’s about you understanding you are the most precious thing in the Universe.

It’s about you understanding God created this beautiful Planet Earth just for you, and planted it with the seeds of success, love and fulfillment all around.

It’s about you feeling you are loved, and you who firmly believe you can achieve anything.

You, who are stronger than fear, who conceives in your mind that every setback of life is just a temporary failure and not a permanent defeat.

About you, who admits your personal flaws, but who never lets yourself or anyone else to put you down. You, who don’t hide your shortcomings, but fight them with all you have, knowing they can’t control you and claim your soul.

It’s about love and respect to everyone. It’s about following your dream and not letting anyone tell you can’t, you are not worthy, or you’re not able. About you who is wise to know not everything is gold what shines, about you who can tell friends from the enemies, and you who can give to the friends everything, but be clever enough to protect yourself from the enemies.

About you, who will achieve most amazing things, and use your precious talents to create happiness and good character for yourself and others.

And yes, it’s about you who value moral virtues more than material things and the strength of character more than comfort of life. It’s about you who set yourself at the path of personal achievement, not the accumulation of the seeming less awards, money or social acknowledgments.


And it’s about us.

Us, who are invincible.

Us, who are the lions and dragons.

Us, who shall stand firm even if the world crumbles.

Us, knowing we shall succeed together, despite all the evil forces of the universe, and empty people who will raise their ugly faces to try to destroy our harmony of peace and love. Us, standing together in the dark and light.


And it’s about love. 

It’s about the love that settles everything. The love that fulfills us and opens the most hidden parts of our hearts. Love which tells us that good overcomes every hindrance and difficulty eventually. A Love that is victorious.


From HeySuccess, with Love.


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