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We share the hottest opportunities on our Facebook & Instagram account. Here is how to never miss any of those?

Thanks to our unique Opportunities sourcing technology, over 500 new opportunities are being posted on every week. We also created two innovative features that help you to never miss any opportunity or a deadline.

But how about those hottest and trending opportunities that we post every day on our Facebook and Instagram account?

As you probably know, Facebook algorithm on average shows page contents only to 3% of page funs . Therefore, only tiny percentage of you can actually see our posts and get notified about those hottest opportunities.

Since we don’t want you to miss the best opportunities anymore, we made this easy 3-steps guide for those of you who want to be informed first about the best HeySuccess opportunities.



If you don't follow us on Facebook,  find Facebook page and click "Like".



1. First click on "Following" button (right next to "Like" button):



2. Then scroll down and click on the little pencil on the right side next to the “IN YOUR NEWS FEED”. As shown on the image below:



3. When this window appears, choose "See first":



4.  Then click on "Notifications". There you check "All posts" to get notifications about posts that HeySuccess makes.





If you don't follow us on Instagram, find HeySuccess Instagram and click "Follow".

1. First click on this three dots button (upper right corner):



2. Then choose "Turn On Post Notifications":




Enjoy the world of unlimited opportunities!

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