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How much does it cost to be a student in different countries?

Would you like to embark on an adventure of studying abroad, but you are wondering how much would it all cost? We decided to search the web to find out how much you would have to pay to study in different countries for one year. Note that these prices are just averages and that the price will depend on your lifestyle, type of program you study, whether its a public or private institution and many other factors.  Every year, you will need to pay on average the following costs to study in:

United States

Average costs per academic year for a public four year University if you are a student out of that state and living on campus:

Tuition, fees, and materials: US$ 26,180 

Housing and food: US$ 10,440

Other costs: US $ 2,110 

TOTAL: US $ 38,730 

Resources and more information: College Board



Tuition and fees: Public Universities in Germany have no tuition fees. You will only be expected to pay US$ 540 for administrative and student union fees.

Housing, food and course materials: US$ 9,980 (for 12 months)

Other costs: US$ 857

TOTAL: US$ 11,377

Resources and more information: and DAAD


United Kingdom

Undergraduate fees for international students vary considerably from US$ 12,300 to US$ 43,060, depending on the institution and the type of degree. This is the minimum of costs that you will have to pay:

Tuition, fees, and materials: US$ 12,300

Housing and food: US$ 14,750 (outside of London)

TOTAL: US$ 27,050

Resources and more information:



Tuition, fees, and materials:  US$ 7,996 (for undergraduate studies)

Housing and food:  US$ 8,304

Other costs:  US$ 720

TOTAL:  US$ 17,020

Resources and more information: JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) and Global 30



Tuition, fees, and materials:  US$ 15,054  (for master studies)

Housing and food:  US$ 12,000 (for 12 months)

TOTAL:  US$ 27,054

Resources and more information: Study in Sweden living costs and tuition fees



Tuition, fees, and materials:  US$ 982  (average cost for public universities, although private ones are more expensive)

Housing and food:  US$ 15,883

TOTAL: US$ 16,865

Resources and more information:



Tuition, fees, and materials: US$ 3,000

Housing and food:  US$ 2,000 (if living in dormitory)

Other costs:  US$ 100 (health insurance)

TOTAL:  US$ 5,600

Resources and more information: CUCAS and



Tuition, fees, and materials: US$ 18,850  

Housing and food: US$ 14,100

TOTAL: US$ 32,950

Resources and more information:



Tuition, fees, and materials: US$ 3,455

Housing and food: US$ 3,500

TOTAL: US$ 6,955

Resources and more information:


Czech Republic

Tuition, fees, and materials: US$ 4,500  (public institutions)

Housing and food: US$  6,600

TOTAL: US$ 11,100

Resources and more information:



Tuition, fees, and materials: US$ 1,680

Housing and food: US$ 8,080

TOTAL: US$ 9,760

Resources and more information:



Tuition, fees, and materials: US$ 4,500

Housing and food: US$ 1,800 (minimum cost)

TOTAL: US$ 6,300

Resources and more information:



Tuition, fees, and materials: US$ 24,824

Housing and food: US$ 7,367 (if living on campus)

TOTAL: US$ 32,191

Resources and more information: National University of Singapore



Tuition, fees, and materials: US$ 10,730

Housing and food: US$ 9,425

TOTAL: US$ 20,155

Resources and more information:



Most public universities are tuition free, while tuition varies between 1,226 US$ and 3,678 US$ for private institutions. We will calculate in the cost the minimum of tuition fees you might have to pay.

Tuition, fees, and materials: US$ 1,226

Housing and food: US$ 3,678

TOTAL: US$ 4,904

Resources and more information:


Tuition and fees: US$ 1,064

Housing, food and materials: US$ 6,060

Total: US$ 7,124

Resources and more information:



Tuition and fees: US$ 3,191

Housing, food and materials: US$ 10,284

Total: US$ 13,475

Resources and more information: MIM and MastersPortal


South Korea

Tuition and fees: US$ 6,800

Housing, food and materials: US$ 8,280

Total: US$ 15,080

Resources and more information: and



Tuition and fees: US$ 1,500

Housing, food and materials: US$ 5,650

Total: US$ 7,150

Resources and more information:



Tuition and fees: US$ 2,122

Housing, food and materials: US$ 5,456

Total: US$ 7,578

Resources and more information:

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