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2050 Millennials from 146 countries being asked 16 of the most challenging questions ever. Here are their answers:

What we did?
We, asked 2050 young people (aged 18-28) from 146 countries, 16 of the most critical questions related to their dreams, fears, heroes, values and ideals.

You can download the full report here and see below the results:

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Millenials Generation Y ge


1. What group of people have influenced our world the most positively in last 50 years?

Steve Jobs


2. If someone were to give you $ 1.000.000 how would you spend it?

how would you spend 1.000.000 $


3. How would you like to spend your life?

How to spend life


4. Which of the following statements do you find true?

5a 5b 5c


5. To which extend you are happy with your life?

Youth happiness


6. If you have to choose between these four countries, where would you choose to spend most of your life?



7. How do you find this statement: This is the best time to be alive in the human history?

8a 8b 8c


8. Do you think life is fair?

Is life fair?


9. What do you think about the global education system?

Millenials on formal education


10. What is the real value of an University degree in our 21st century?

A degree is not enough anymore


11. Who is mostly responsible for youth unemployment?

youth unemployment


12. The most dominant fear among young people today?

Fear of young people


13. From the parties listed below who do you believe most in?

Young people do not believe anyone


14. What does the 21st century desperately need?



15. Which virtue do people today lack the most?



16. Who will have biggest positive impact on the economy in the next 20 years?



 Download the full report HERE

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